Saturday, 16 January 2016

Top 10 Fabulous Reasons to Travel to Thailand


Thailand, which is a wonderful tourist destination, is a commonplace for Europeans to enjoy the tour. During the tour, if you have weeks or even a month to spare, this destination is always better to visit. Here are top 10 fabulous reasons  to travel to Thailand.

1. Thailand is affordable

Thailand is home to hundreds of guesthouses and hotels for under $20 per night. You can get Thai food at cheap prices and almost the street food vendors, who basically sell dishes for the equivalent of $1 or less, provide the tastiest stuff.

2. Beaches

Being abundant in marine life, stunning vistas and warm & clear water, the beaches of Thailand, which are ideal for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, are counted among the best beaches in the world. Several different kinds of beaches in Thailand prove the perfect and quiet place for taking the enjoyment of the party all the night long.

3. Year Round Sunshine

Thailand is the tourist destination, which always experiences warm weather and mostly clear days, even if it is visited in December or May during the season of cool, hot or rainy.

4. Thai Food

Having more variety and being very cheap, Thai food is better. Here, tourists can easily find favorites like curry, Pad Thai. Besides this, they can also get a surprising selection of noodles, salads, snacks, etc. The chicken of Thailand has gained its fame as the tastiest fried chicken in the globe.

5. Nightlife

Thailand has not only thinly clad women and all go-go bars, but also has an abundance of nightclubs, discos and regular bars. The nightclubs and bars  of Thailand, which are close to every beach or city of this country, have made this destination very popular all over the world.

6. Shopping

You’ll get shopping in Thailand very surprising if you are love bargaining in markets or quirky and cool stuff. The markets of large cities have a plenty of everything from shoes to the arts and the malls in Bangkok are regarded as some of the fanciest ones in the globe.

7. Amazing Cities

The bustling and booming capital and the charming and quiet center of Northern Thailand both are brimming up with history, culture, lots of diversions, great food and architecture.

8. Thailand's Buddhist Heritage

Being the predominant religion of the country, Buddhism influences everything from the architecture to the way people communicate with each other. Any of the main cities of Thailand is home to breathtaking Buddhist temples to be visited, Bangkok and Chiang Mai particularly.

9. Ease of Travel

Because of good timetables and budget fares of Thai Air Asia, to get around Thailand is cheap and easy.

10. The People

Thailand is called  the ‘Land of Smiles’ because most of the people of this country are kind, open and friendly and they meet everyone smiling.

On the basis of the above mentioned reasons, we can say that Thailand is famous as the most visited tourist destination in the world. If you also want to enjoy the tour to this destination, book Thailand Tour Packages from Delhi from ARV Holidays at reasonable prices. All these packages can also be customized as per the requirement of the clients.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Famous beaches in Thailand

Thailand is listed in the most romantic places in the world. The speciality of Thailand lies in its beautiful beaches and blue seas water. With numbers of coastline and tropical Islands, Thailand offers travellers an extensive range of beaches to discover. A guide of the Famous beaches in Thailand.

Sairee Beach:   

Stretched in one mile long, Sairee beach is the longest sand beach situated on the beautiful Island of Ko Tao, also often known as the “Turtle Island”. The beach is also popular for snorkelling and scuba diving, although it is not an active area but still you can find a number of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. You can reach the Ko Tao by ferry service.     

Haad Rin:  

The beach, which is situated on the Island of Ko Phangan, is world popular for its full moon party. Not for everyone, but the full moon party appeals many travellers across the world. At the time of this famous event, the beach is filled with heavy sound systems and party lovers. Although, you will notice that parties are organized every night in the Haad Rin. Undoubtedly, Haad Rin has become a very famous stop for backpackers. Moreover, tourists can enjoy sunrise and sunset. 

Lamai Beach:  

Travellers who are looking for relaxing resort area will enjoy Lamai Beach, situated in Samui, the second most popular Island in Thailand following Phuket. Lamai Beach is a calm and peaceful area and it is less crowded. Lamai Beach possess a long extend of white sand that is best for relaxing. You can find a lot of bars, restaurants and sports to keep you busy and active.

Hua Hin Beach:  

It is a favorite holiday destination for Thais and tourists. The beach is located in the north part is a golfer’s enjoyment. Presently, it is home to the golf courses in all of Thailand. Even Thailand’s rich and famous families also comes to enjoy their holiday. 

Ko Nang Yuan:  

This tiny beach looks pretty and can be crowded. Its crystal-clear waters are best for snorkelling and scuba diving. The Island is located on Ko Nang Yuan and those who are not staying here, must have to pay 100 baht fee. The Island has one dive resort for travellers who choose to stay here. 

Patong Beach:  

A colorful and crowded beach is famous for parties. This wonderful place is filled with bars, restaurants, nightclubs and tourist spots. Patong possess 3.5 Km long beach where travellers will get various food courts along with adventurous sports. This is a pretty place and popular for partying and good times. 

Hat Pramong:  

Popular for picturesque sunset, the beach is blessed on a small bay on Ko Lipe. The famous beach in Thailand offers you a stunning sunset. This is a tranquil, superb area that gives tourists a sight of the ancient Thailand once it was. The beach offers you comfortable huts to stay. 

White Sand Beach: 

Located on Ko Chang, the beach is popular as a great family destination that offers a long stretch white sand. It is the most famous and urbanized region on Ko Chang, it is very quieter area. This also boasts a number of bars and restaurants.